Disc Resurfacing

We offer professional disc resurfacing for most video games, movies, and CDs.
**We now offer resurfacing for blu-ray discs as well (PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Blu-Ray Movies)**

$2.50 per disc for 1-9 discs, or $2.25 for 10+ discs

For mail in resurfacing orders, you must include a note within your package containing the following information:

• Name
• Phone number
• Return shipping address
• Paypal email address (for invoicing)
Number of discs to be resurfaced
A list of discs included in the package (not required, but very helpful if possible)

This information is required for us to process your resurfacing order properly, and get it shipped back to you in a timely manner. If this information is not included, we cannot guarantee the safe return of your discs.
Please do not forget.

For mail in orders, you must cover shipping both ways. Once your order is complete, you will receive a paypal invoice for the cost of the service and the return shipping. Shipping discs without their cases will save a lot of money on postage costs.

You can ship your order directly to our store at the address below. No need to contact us before shipping, all the info we need should be included within your package:

Double Jump Video Games

Disc Resurfacing

700 SE Chkalov Dr

STE 21

Vancouver, Washington 98683


We use RTI branded resurfacing machines, which are top of the line. If you would like to look up info on these machines before sending discs to us for repair, the 2 machines we have and use are the RTI Eco Auto Master, an the RTI Eco Auto Smart. All gamecube discs are run on the Auto Smart, and all Blu-Ray discs are run on the Auto Master.

Resurfacing is NOT a guaranteed method of repairing a disc that has issues, but it is a very good option for removing scratches, which cause most problems with discs not working properly. Please understand that we cannot guarantee your discs will be fully functional after being resurfaced.

Discs may still have scratches even after being resurfaced. We do our best to remove them completely, but sometimes the scratches are too deep, and even resurfacing at the highest level more than once won’t get them out. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that your discs will be 100% scratch free, but at the very least, they will be much better than before, and hopefully in working condition.

Some discs with top scratches, cracks, separating layers, etc. may be beyond repair. If such damage is noticed before resurfacing, we will return the disc “as-is” and not charge to resurface it. If the damage was undetected and a repair was attempted, the normal resurfacing fee will be charged. Double Jump Video Games is not responsible for damage to discs during shipping or the repair process.

If payment is not received within (30) days of the invoicing date, and there has been no communication, the items are presumed abandoned, and will be disposed of at our discretion.

Under no circumstances is Double Jump Video Games liable for the following: (1) third-party claims against you for damages; (2) loss of, or damage to, your records or data; (3) economic consequential damages (including lost profits or savings) or incidental damages even if we are informed of their possibility; (4) loss of items in transit to or from our store. Once the items are in the hands of the shipping carrier, we forfeit any responsibility of the item(s).