Here is our grading scale:

Excellent – Typically only used for factory sealed / brand new items without any noticeable wear. Any new item with box damage, a rip in the seal, etc, is marked down from excellent to good, fair, or poor.

Good – Over all in good condition. No creases in artwork or manual, no water damage, no stickers on manual or case artwork, no rental sticker on disc, no stains, etc. Outer plastic of the case may have stickers on it, light scratches, or other wear, but nothing excessive. We are typically not applying the grade to the actual plastic case, but instead to the case artwork, manual, and game.

Fair – Slightly more worn than “good” condition. Very slight wear to labels, manuals, or case artwork. Surface scratches or other very minor wear and tear.

Poor – Anything with a major defect. Case artwork or manuals with water damage, creases, stains, rips / tears, missing pages, etc. May have rental sticker on the disc, stickers on the cover art or manual, or other damage.

Damaged – There is physical damage like a crack or hole in a plastic cartridge. Damaged may also be a manual missing its cover page or something similar.

ALL discs are in playable condition, and are resurfaced if needed. The grade typically does not take into account the bottom of the disc, as they are not put out for sale in scratched condition ever. Minor scratching may be present, but nothing that would keep it from playing. Gamecube is the most fragile with resurfacing, and we really only resurface those discs if we need to.

Unfortunately, we do not. We cannot keep up with the demand for systems in our store, and if we started shipping them out, we would never have any consoles in stock.

All photos on this website are stock photos, but real photos may be supplied through email upon request.

For most games, we do not differentiate between black label and greatest hits / platinum hits / players choice, etc. If you purchase a game from us, there is a chance that it may not be the original black label release. Our listings are created with the game’s UPC code, and most greatest hits / black label games share the same UPC.

Yes! When you add items to your shopping cart, go to the checkout page, and enter your shipping information, the website will automatically calculate the shipping costs for you.

Shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the weight of the items in your shopping cart, and your shipping address. Sometimes they end up being more than the actual cost to ship. If this happens, you will receive a refund for the difference. Most times, especially for international orders, the shipping charges are accurate to what it costs us to ship.

This just means that the item was recently added to our website, and has not had weight and dimensions put in for it yet. Please contact us if you experience this, and we will fix it.

Yes! If an item arrives in non-working condition, please contact us through email to arrange a return or exchange. As long as the game is returned in the same condition, and is confirmed as non-working once we get it back, we will send a replacement, or if one is not available, a full refund.

Unfortunately no. We cannot guarantee enjoyment of the games we sell, so please research a game before making a purchase.

Any day / time we are open. No need to wait for us to contact you. Once you have placed your order, just head on in.

Yes! Just shoot us an email with either a list or photos of what you’re looking to sell. We offer payment through Paypal only. We cannot offer store credit for mailed in items at this time.

If the item was posted in a photo to our social media, but is not on the website, that means the item has already sold. If you saw the item in a Youtube video, there is a chance it hasn’t been added to our inventory yet.

Only if they are already posted on our website. We have listings for some manuals and empty boxes, but only for certain consoles (NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBC, GBA, Genesis).