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Jak II

Out of stock

The legendary duo return in Jak II; where Jak has grown into a mature young hero with a cynical attitude and hardened edge. Following the finale of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy; Jak and Daxter investigate a strange energy portal that propels them 500 years into the future where they find themselves in a foreign city. The city; under siege and ruled by the tyrannical Baron Praxis is surrounded by a dark wasteland on the brink of destruction with menacing Metal Heads destroying the land.

Upon arriving in the city Jak is immediately captured by the Baron’s guards and thrown into prison where he is experimented on with Dark Eco where even he doesn’t realize the full extent of the hazardous substance. But with Daxter assisting in Jak’s prison escape the two begin their quest to find out where they are what has happened and ultimately seek revenge on the Baron. Along the way Jak and Daxter will encounter numerous diverse characters greatly impacting the adventure they face ahead while they brace themselves for the foes lurking within the shadows of the city.

  • You control the action by choosing which missions to complete to drive the adventure ahead.
  • Interact with numerous characters to determine if they are friend or foe. Will they assist you on your adventure or use you to achieve their own goals?
  • Explore a world where past present and future collide in a massive metropolis three times larger than the original world of Jak and Daxter.
  • Encounter stunning detailed characters and beautiful vast environments.
  • Powerful weapons and vehicles at your disposal for use at any time in the game.
  • Release your alter ego Dark Jak to wreak havoc on environments and punish your enemies.
  • Break out your hoverboard at any point in the game to grind or pull some tricks.
  • Engage in battle with intelligent characters at your side to wipe out the enemy.
  • Immerse yourself in the Jak II experience complete with more than an hour of movie-quality cinematics dynamic musical score and top-notch voice talent.

Genre: Platformer
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Naughty Dog
Release Date: 10/14/2003
Language: English
Rating: Teen