Magicians Quest: Mysterious Times

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Developer: Konami
Release Date: 5/11/2009
Language: English
Rating: Everyone 10+

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que combination of an adventure game and simulation RPG. Players are tasked with attending classes at Magic Academy while learning the mysteries of magic and the art of casting spells while building relationships with other students. As players attend classes; they’ll be immersed in a living; breathing world where time progresses as it does in the real world; and each week player’s skills are put to the test in a new magical adventure. Using their spell casting abilities and unique interactions with other characters and their surroundings players are confronted with puzzles and adventures that will challenge their skill. Here is a run through of some of the basics:

  • 1600 customizable features including clothing characters spell upgrades incantations furniture and dorm room accessories. There are 20 additional themed dorm rooms including the haunted house outer space Asian inspired Samurai western and many more.
  • In addition to casting spells your magician can also use a magic wand that can change form into a multitude of tools including a watering can shovel fishing pole and insect net. These different uses will enable players to water and grow flowers that can be given as gifts or bribes to other students catch fish and insects. After catching fish and insects you can either use them as part of an incantation spell or turn them over to the keeper of the fish or keeper of the insect catalogs who will purchase them from you providing you money you can spend in town. In town you can buy incantation items purchase accessories invest your money at the bank send telegrams and much more. In addition to these items players can purchase magic brooms of all kinds some with special upgrades. The magic broom allows you to travel through each of the game environments much quicker covering more ground or if you play co-op with friends you can all travel together.
  • Magician’s Quest Mysterious Times features more than 100 magic spells and incantations. Incantations are similar to magic spells but require a special ingredient before they can be cast. These special ingredients can be found living and growing within the game environments such as mushrooms or flowers can be obtained from other in game characters who offer you gifts or purchased at the magic emporium in town. Some magic spells and incantations help you complete tasks and solve challenges while others are merely for fun. For example the Spider web spell will stop bugs and insects dead in their tracks allowing you to collect them easily. But be careful it doesn’t work on humans. The Treasure Hunt spell will cause buried objects to shine underground so you can find them easily and dig them up in order to sell them or give as gifts. The Transformation spell will cause non playable characters in the game to look favorably on you even if others have spread unfriendly rumors about you.
  • Using the stylus players can perform a circular motion on the Touch Screen to turn their character into a Wizard in real-time. Changing into a Wizard allows players to perform magic spells and incantations. In order to be successful in solving the 52 adventures you must first transform into a wizard. All magic spells are taught daily in Magic Academy. Each Wizard has a ‘Wizard ID’ that contains information and tracks the progression of your grade. Your grade as a wizard will increase the more you attend classes answer quiz questions correctly and solve mysteries. Your current grades are represented by the number of stars in your Wizard ID.
  • Classes are held every day at Magic Academy. You should try to attend as many classes as possible because here is where you’ll learn your magic spells incantations and everything there is to know about the town you live in. To attend classes players can talk to the teacher outside the classroom and select the subject of the class you want to take. Classes include ‘Introduction’ ‘Staff Magic’ ‘Incantations’ and ‘Magic Linguistics’. The only class you can select at first is ‘Introduction’. After completing this class the subjects will change as time passes.
  • Magician’s Quest Mysterious Times features Wi-Fi connection to play with a friend allowing players additional unique story lines and interactions. Players can also use the Wi-Fi connection to chat with anyone in the world by utilizing the games global magic alphabet.

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