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Prisoner of War

Out of stock

Whilst on a top secret reconnaissance mission for Allied intelligence flying high above northern Germany Captain Stone and his co-pilot Lieutenant James Daly are hit by anti-aircraft fire. Bailing out just in time; Stone parachutes straight into the hands of armed German soldiers. Out numbered and out gunned Stone is forced to surrender himself to captivity in a POW camp.

On arrival Stone is introduced to life as a prisoner in Germany as well as a variety of interesting characters from around the world. Soon he is reunited with his co-pilot Daly and the pair devise a cunning escape plan involving the theft of German tools from the German’s own living quarters.

On the night of the escape disaster ensues Daly is shot dead and Stone is re-captured and placed in an even higher security camp. Seeking immediate escape and revenge for his fallen comrade Stone contacts the escape committee a secret group of high ranking POW’s who represent Stone’s only hope for freedom. First he has to earn their trust and use his legendary reconnaissance and surveillance techniques to retrieve important information for the Allied war effort.

When Stone stumbles across the Germans plans for a weapon of mass destruction he makes it his duty to inform the Allies and destroy it at all costs; the outcome of the war rests in his hands. Stone’s adventure will take him across Germany in a variety of different POW camps using his ingenuity and stealth tactics to outwit the German war machine crawling through muddy tunnels and over stone walls using disguises and make shift equipment to escape and to prevent the destruction of Allied cities around the world.

  • Hitler’s top scientists are working on a new secret weapon which could win them the war – and only you can stop them.
  • Explore three meticulously modeled fully-3D historically realistic prisoner of war camps including the infamous Colditz Castle – rich detail-packed environments brought to life with outstanding lighting weather and other graphical effects.
  • The immersive game world is made even more vivid by an exceptionally high level of Artificial Intelligence in its population. Sophisticated detection flocking socialisation and other artificial life algorithms work together to create a living breathing world of distinctively-characterised inmates and guards.
  • Uniquely resourceful your character is able to talk to anyone they meet pick up and drop objects climb fences and walls crouch crawl mantle along ledges peek around corners tap on walls to distract guards throw stones use a telescope and perform a wide variety of special actions with particular objects. An intelligent ‘context-sensitive’ action button system ensures maximum control intuitiveness at all times.
  • It’s possible to replay any completed level and aim to beat recorded escape times in order to earn new abilities. This substantially increases the longevity of the game.

Genre: Action; Adventure; Action/Adventure
Publisher: Codemasters
Developer: Wide Games
Release Date: 8/14/2002
Language: English
Rating: Teen