Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

Genre: RPG
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Tri-Ace
Release Date: 3/17/2009
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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The protagonist is a young soldier; Wylfred; who harbours a hatred for the Valkyries; especially Lenneth Valkyrie; who used his father as an Einharjar when he was ten years old. To seek revenge against the gods; he accepted power from Hel; the Queen of Niflheim; in the form of a black magic feather. In Midgard; however; the two princes of the Kingdom of Artolia are enthralled in a battle for succession to the throne; with neighboring nations Villnore and Crell Monferaigne monitoring the situation ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

  • The Feather of Goddess … This is a vital key to how the story progresses and immensely powerful in battle situationsA hugely powerful artefact that causes mass effects to not only battles but the story line also
  • Multi-story system … An in-depth mult-story system in defining chapters
  • The outcome and direction of the story can change dramatically by your individual actions and choices in gamplay and in battle!
  • Battle system … Further evolution of the battle system in the VP series! The battle system is now seen via the quarter view allowing more in-depth attacks and combos combined with dynamic finishing moves and dazzling spells!
  • Mutual Assistance system … This system allows allied characters to spontaneously join the battle enabling you to surround your enemies and attack with maximum effect!
  • Active Formation … Upon entering battle the ‘Active Formation’ is formed allowing valuable bonuses for executed set-up formations.
  • Audio / Visual experience. … Breath taking graphics and effects that push the technical limits of the DS.
  • Epic cinematic cut scenes and events that create and set the scene and direction of the gameplay and story line

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